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Ragtime Rick now has twenty-two blues and ragtime CDs available, combining rootsy covers with authentic-sounding originals. These include "Ragtime Blues," originally released on cassette in 1991, and recently remastered to CD; "Country Man Blues," also released as a cassette, in 1993, and now available on CD; "Down and Out Blues," featuring guitar and vocal duets with folk-blues guitar wizard John Brandeburg, released in 1997; "Half a Buck Blues," a solo album of blues classics, plus the original title track, released in 1999; "Blue Cat Blues," which includes several of Rick’s original tunes, and features the mandolin of Thom Davis on the title track, released in 2000; "Hippie Blues," more classic covers, plus three originals, featuring graphics by Cal Schenkel of "Mothers of Invention" fame, released in 2003; "Rags To Riches," an album of ragtime guitar instrumentals, released in 2004; "Favorite Blues," a collection of Ragtime Rick's favorites from his earlier albums, originally released in 2005, and currently undergoing remastering as a "best of" album; "Sweet Woman Blues," combining classic blues with the original title track, released in 2006; "Green Rocky Road," a duo effort with Rick's guitar buddy, John Brandeburg, recorded live at the 2006 Mendocino Acoustic Blues Workshop, and released in 2007; "Vintage Blues," featuring some of the best tunes from his earliest out-of-print cassette albums, originally released in 2008, and currently undergoing remastering; "Beside Myself Blues," featuring some classic multi-tracked tunes from the vault, released in 2009; "Walkin' Blues--Live in Boonville," a collection of tunes recorded at various events from 1990-93, released in 2010; "Hard Road Blues--Live at Blues Alley," recorded live at the Mendocino Recreation Center from 2006-09, also released in 2010; "Living With The Blues," featuring Shaky Jake Blues Band, with Jammin' Gino Jacomella on harp, and Big Bill Yates on standup bass, released in 2011; "Gone Guitar Blues," a collection of various unreleased studio tracks from 2006-2009, including 3 originals, released in 2012; "Borrow From Tomorrow," featuring rock, rhythm, & blues from Ragtime Rick, with $lim $ilver and the Side Effects, including lots of classics plus three originals, originally recorded in the early eighties, and also released in 2012; "West Coast Blues," a tribute to Blind Blake, released in 2013; "Avalon Blues," recorded live at the Boonville Folk-Blues Festival in 2003, and released in 2013; "Blues By The Books," recorded live at the Fort Bragg Public Library in 2004, and also released in 2013; and his latest album, "Rag-Ology," 21 ragtime instrumentals from the vault, released in 2014. "Ragged and Dirty" was recorded live, in June, 2000, at the Placerville, CA public library, with Thom Davis, and features Thom and Rick, performing solo and together, on 13 classic delta blues tracks.

Below is just a partial listing of Ragtime Rick's CDs...Click on the link under "Half A Buck Blues" to hear one of Rick's original tunes, "Half A Buck Blues."

Also available here is the Centrum Recordings release, "Lay Down My Old Guitar," a tribute to the late John Jackson, co-produced by Ragtime Rick Blaufeld and W.B. Reid, which includes 17 of the tunes John used to do, as performed by some of the best of today's bluesmen and women. The artists include Cephas & Wiggins, Saffire--The Uppity Blues Women, Corey Harris, Pat Donohue, Roy Book Binder, Mary Flower, Ragtime Rick, and lots more! All profits received by Centrum for this CD will be donated to the John Jackson Memorial Blues Scholarship Fund, which will allow some folks, who couldn't otherwise afford it, to attend the week-long Port Townsend Acoustic Blues Workshop, held annually during the first week of August. Check out the PTABW and all of Centrum's programs at www.centrum.org.

Down And Out Blues

Down And Out Blues

1. Grindin' Mill (3:18) 7. K.C. Moan (5:05)
2. Louis Collins (3:58) 8. Richland Women Blues (4:43)
3. From Dallas To Cincinnati (4:12) 9. Teddy Bears' Picnic (3:13)
4. Stealin' (3:08) 10. Stag O'Lee (4:08)
5. Creole Belle (3:24) 11. Ain't Misbehavin' (2:30)
6. Make Me A Pallet (4:46) 12. Down And Out Blues (3:08)

Half A Buck Blues

Half A Buck Blues

1. Half A Buck Blues (2:12) 8. Chump Man Blues (3:00)
2. Early Morning Blues (3:40) 9. Frankie (3:22)
3. Coffee Blues (4:38) 10. Chainey (2:24)
4. Statesboro Blues (4:30) 11. Chauffeur Blues (3:13)
5. .44 Blues (4:08) 12. Lowdown Lovin' Gal (4:00)
6. Diddie Wah Diddie (2:46) 13. Dyin' Crapshooters Blues (3:16)
7. Kind-Hearted Women (4:58) 14. Candy Man (3:22)

Blue Cat Blues

Blue Cat Blues

1. Country Man Blues (3:59) 7. Up In Your Attic (3:17)
2. Come On In (3:43) 8. Nothing In Ramblin' (3:23)
3. Ragged And Dirty (4:34) 9. Hard Road Blues (3:24)
4. Weepin' Willow (4:17) 10. Rattlesnakin' Daddy (3:43)
5. Searchin' The Desert (3:16) 11. Terraplane Blues (3:37)
6. Hard Pushin' Papa (3:09) 12. Blue Cat Blues (w/Thom Davis) (4:04)

Hippie Blues

Hippie Blues

1. Charlie James (3:38) 8. Silver City Bound (3:54)
2. Mississippi Blues (4:41) 9. Avalon Blues (3:12)
3. Living With The Blues (3:51) 10. Midnight Hour Blues (4:20)
4. Double Nickel Strut (2:53) 11. Retro Rag (2:47)
5. Sugar Babe (2:21) 12. Do You Call That A Buddy? (w/Thom Davis) (3:17)
6. Bootlegger's Blues (3:38) 13. Sweet Jivin' Mama (3:18)
7. Sloppy Drunk Blues (4:21) 14. Hippie Blues (4:06)

Rags to Riches

Rags to Riches

1. West Coast Rag (2:36) 8. Temptation Rag (3:26)
2. Maple Leaf Rag (4:06) 9. Minnie's Thing (3:25)
3. St. Louis Tickle (3:03) 10. Soldier's Drill (3:07)
4. Let Me Lay It On You/12 Sticks (3:40) 11. Teddy Bears' Picnic (w/John B.) (3:17)
5. Cotten Pickin' Medley (4:02) 12. Ain't Misbehavin' (2:32)
6. Nola (3:05) 13. Make Believe Stunt (2:27)
7. Cincinnati Flow Rag (3:40) 14. Rich's Rag (2:21)

Favorite Blues


1. Diddy Wa Diddy (2:51) 8. K.C. Moan (w/John B.) (5:05)
2. What's the Matter With the Mill?
(w/ John B.) (3:22)
9. Lowdown Lovin' Gal (4:03)
3. Louis Collins (w/ John B.) (3:58) 10. Stag O'Lee (w/John B.) (4:13)
4. Candy Man (3:25) 11. Dyin' Crapshooter's Blues (3:20)
5. Make Me a Pallet (w/John B.) (4:52) 12. Richland Women Blues (w/John B.) (4:48)
6. Chauffeur Blues (3:18) 13. Half a Buck Blues (2:15)
7. Stealin' (w/ John B.) (3:13) 14. Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out
(w/John B.) (3:10)

Sweet Woman Blues

Sweet Woman Blues

1. Sweet Woman Blues (3:36) 8. James Alley Blues (4:34)
2. Casey Jones (3:50) 9. Trip Out Tonight (3:37)
3. Moving Day (3:41) 10. Rag Mama Rag (3:15)
4. Vicksburg Blues (4:00) 11. I Can't Be Satisfied (4:56)
5. Jivin' Woman Blues (2:59) 12. From Four Until Late (2:58)
6. Doing A Stretch (3:00) 13. Walking My Troubles Away (3:25)
7. The Preacher and the Bear (3:04) 14. If You'se A Viper (w/Thom Davis) (2:58)

Lay Down My Old Guitar

Lay Down My Old Guitar--A Tribute To John Jackson

1. Lay Down My Old Guitar (3:34) Orville Johnson 10. West Coast Blues (1:51) Mary Flower
2. Too Tight Rag (2:58) Pat Donohue 11. Goin' Down To Georgia On A Horn (2:50) W.B. Reid
3. Mississippi Blues (3:45) Roy Book Binder 12. Georgia Bound (3:47) Mick Knight
4. Midnight Hour Blues (3:17) Ann Rabson 13. Come On Over To My House(2:16) Lauren Sheehan
5. RedRiver Blues (2:59) Thomas David Corlett 14. Bootlegger's Blues (3:39) Ragtime Rick Blaufeld
6. Don't Let Your Deal Go Down (1:39) Terry Robb 15. Boats Up The River (3:10) Thom Davis
7. So Sweet (4:47) Cephas & Wiggins 16. John Henry (1:35) Corey Harris
8. That Will Never Happen No More (3:20) Ari Eisinger 17. Just Because (4:36) Saffire, The Uppity Blues Women
9. When You Left (2:33) John Miller

Some comments that have been made about Ragtime Rick and his music:

"Not bad for a white boy!"
-Brownie McGhee, legendary bluesman

"A classy player with a very good feel for acoustic blues... stands with some of the best of today's acoustic bluesmen."
-Bruce Iglauer, president and founder of Alligator Records

"Rick, I'm so proud of you!"
-John Jackson, legendary bluesman and National Heritage Fellow

"Rick has been fully immersed in the blues for decades."
-Warren Argo, former Program Manager, Port Townsend Country Blues Workshop

CDs are now just $10 each, including shipping, for a limited time only, except "Lay Down My Old Guitar," which is $15.
To order, please send a check or money order to:

Ragtime Rick Blaufeld
P.O. Box 341
Navarro, CA 95463

Please don't forget to include your address, and specify which CDs you would like.

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